Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Pics.


Hey, thanks for reading. To enhance our experience, I've been asked to have people suggest some activities. Please post activities as comments for this blog. Again this blog is really fun to write in. Thanks for reading.


Video of Mike Briggs (assistant scoutmaster) making the famed peach cobbler.


Perfect sledding weather.
Everyone needs their beauty sleep.

The moths were mobbing us, so we found ways to "rid" ourselves of them.

Troop 263 "Winter Camp"

At our "Winter Camp" at the beach lasting from January 16 to 17 was the perfect weather for a beach camp. Even though it was the middle of January.I still have a couple of bathing suits from our beach trip so just come over to pick them up if you lost one. This is my first blog post so I'm really just testing it right now. Thanks for reading.